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Several factors will determine the cost of commercial painting in Spearfish. The substrate or material used for the interior and exterior of the building, the area size to be painted, the paint and primer to be used, and the labor hours will all have an impact on the total cost. Your paint and the primer cost will be determined by the amount needed to cover the whole area which will be painted. For this, you may need to talk to your Spearfish commercial painting contractor for an estimate. For a 50,000 square feet area, you will need approximately 138 gallons of paint. Normally, a gallon of paint can cover at least 400 square feet area. Paint usually costs around $15 to $30 per gallon. So, for a 50,000 square feet area, you will pay approximately $1,558 to $2,781 for the paint alone.

Estimated final cost for commercial painting

Item Quantity Fair Price
Home Exterior Labor 36.4 Hours $1,705.54
Home Exterior Job Materials and Supplies 1600 Square Feet $464.62
Totals - Cost to Paint House Exteriors - 1709 Square Feet $2,170.16
Average Cost Per Square Foot $1.36

What kind of paint is usually used in commercial painting in Spearfish?

Commercial contractors only make use of paints from quality top brands. Be vigilant of contractors that offer painting services at lower costs. There is a possibility that they might use cheap or low-quality paint. The quality commercial painting will surely last for a long time. There is no point cutting costs by hiring low-cost contractors when the paint applied will crack and peel away in less than a year. You will end up paying more.

Is there any required weather condition for exterior commercial painting in Spearfish?

Yes. Usually, contractors will avoid painting when the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit or if it is above 90 degrees because it will affect the drying process of the paint. Windy and wet weather are also not good weather condition for painting the exterior of a building.

How long does a commercial painting job in Spearfish take?

The duration of a commercial paint job will depend on the size of the area or of the building to be painted. The weather condition will also affect the completion of the paint job for the exterior of a building.

Find the Best Costs on Commercial Painting - Spearfish, 57783

Commercial painting contractors in Spearfish may charge a flat rate fee that may include all the necessary things for the painting job. They may also charge on a per hour basis depending on what your agreement will be. A professional painter usually charges per hour and the rate will depend on what season the painting job will take place and the accessibility of the areas to be painted. Painting the exterior of a building will cost you more because of the risk it entails. It is advisable to get at least three estimates from different Spearfish commercial painting contractors so you will know what your options are.

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