Cost to Top Quality Clean a Foreclosure in Rapid City for the Right Price

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There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to hiring a company that offers foreclosure cleaning in Rapid City. If you are looking to hire one, make sure that you review all the details of the estimate provided by the company. Also try get at least three to five bids from different Rapid City foreclosure cleaning companies. This will give you an opportunity to weigh down your choices and compare the prices. A normal foreclosure cleaning in Rapid City for a 2-bedroom house that covers 1,000 square feet tends to cost between $600 and $800. It only includes sweeping and cleanup of the main home components like bathtubs, toilets, refrigerators, and others for 5 hours.

Estimated final cost for foreclosure cleaning

Item Quantity Fair Price
Debris Labor 1.4 Hours $16.17
Debris Debris Disposal Costs $32.90
Totals - Cost to Remove Construction Debris - 2 Cubic Yard $49.07
Average Cost Per Cubic Yard $49.08

Do companies that offer foreclosure cleaning in Rapid City offer repair services too?

There are some foreclosure cleaning companies that also offer repair and restoration services at an additional cost. Foreclosure cleaning only includes sweeping, washing, and dusting of floors, walls, ceilings, rooms, appliances, windows etc. If the foreclosed home has some major damages, it should be repaired or restored first before being cleaned.

Is there a possibility that foreclosure cleaning in Rapid City will take days?

Yes. This happens for large estates and properties. However, it can be minimized to only a few hours if there are enough cleaning crews that will clean the place.

Will there be fines if foreclosure cleaning in Rapid City was not immediately applied to a foreclosed home?

Yes. If a foreclosed home has been abandoned in bad conditions that can threaten the surrounding neighborhood, the homeowner's association can file a complaint against the realtor or bank that foreclosed the property.

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Another thing that you need to consider when reviewing the cost of a foreclosure cleaning in Rapid City is if the dumpster rental will be covered, disposal fee, the number of crews that will be covered by the labor cost, and all the cleaning supplies that will be needed. Dumpster rental typically costs around $200 to $300, and you may pay an additional $75 for the disposal fee. Labor cost usually starts at $75 for 5 hours of cleaning service per person. All other supplies may cost you $50 to $100. Companies that provide foreclosure cleaning in Rapid City make sure that all these are being covered their services. Some may also offer additional services that you might need like providing a moving crew. Realtors know the importance of professional foreclosure cleaning in Rapid City to ensure that a home will be immediately sold. Do not entrust the task to people with no reliable cleaning background just to save the cost. It might give you trouble in the future.