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Thanksgiving is always a good time to exhale a good ambiance and prepping up your home goes beyond the living and dining rooms. There are some incredible Thanksgiving outdoor decoration ideas for you to extend the festivities to the outside, as you can go from using fallen leaves to lighting up the place!

To know other decorating ideas for Thanksgiving outdoors and more tips on celebrating the holiday in the garden-porch area, read this complete guide with unique inspiration for you to have a remarkable holiday season with your loved ones!

How To Decorate For Thanksgiving Outdoors?

The answer is not straightforward: there are several ideas you can choose from! Take a look at the descriptions below and try to adapt to your own spot. Get inspired!

1. Create Rustic Wreaths

For a classic outdoor fall Thanksgiving decorating idea, create welcoming wreaths with grapevines, colorful autumn leaves, pinecones, and small decorative pumpkins. You can hang them on your front door or along your outdoor walls.

2. Make Mason Jar Candle Holders

Fill mason jars with candles, and add acorns, dried leaves, or small pinecones at the base. If you group these jars in clusters on tables and surfaces, you will set the coziest ambiance possible in your outdoor space.

3. Invent Corn Husk Garlands

If you are looking for a unique and different Thanksgiving DIY outdoor decor idea, a cool option is to collect dried corn husks and braid or tie them together to form a charming garland. Hang it along porch railings or above doorways to let them be seen and admired by your visitors.

4. Use Pumpkin As Planters

Halloween has already passed, but pumpkin season is still ON! Hollow out medium-sized pumpkins and use them as unique planters for vibrant mums, ornamental kale, or other fall flowers by placing them around your outdoor space.

5. Arrange Leafy Table Runners

If you are on a short budget for outdoor space ideas and are wondering “How can I decorate cheap for Thanksgiving? This tip is for you! Get the most out of the autumn season and gather fallen leaves of various colors and sizes. You can glue them onto a long piece of brown craft paper to create a rustic table runner.

6. Set Up A Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love backyard fire pits? Set up a fire pit area with comfortable seating for your visitors. You can place a stack of firewood nearby, and provide marshmallow roasting sticks for a cozy and interactive experience. Besides a fire pit, there are other fall season outdoor projects you can easily add to your home!

7. Create Autumn Harvest Baskets

Fill baskets with a variety of gourds, apples, colorful corn, and even small pumpkins. Arrange them on steps, porches, or as a beautiful centerpiece on your outdoor table if you are searching for Thanksgiving outdoor dinner table decorating ideas.

8. Make Pinecone Place Cards

For those who want to get their loved ones gathered around a table outdoors, collecting some pine cones of similar sizes and attaching small cards with guests' names might be an interesting idea. Plus, place these pinecone place cards at each seating spot for a personal touch.

9. Set A Gratitude Tree

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, right? So spreading gratitude throughout your outdoor decor makes it even nicer! Set up a small tree branch in a pot and invite guests to write what they are thankful for on leaf-shaped notes. Hang these notes on the tree as a beautiful and interactive decoration.

10. Paint Wooden Pallet Signs

Paint wooden pallets with festive messages or quotes related to being thankful to get in the mood of the holiday! You can go for quotes such as "Give Thanks" or "Gratitude In The Air" and position them strategically around your outdoor space.

11. Spread Cozy Blanket Baskets

Thanksgiving is usually chilly in most regions of the country, why not add the cold into the decor? Place baskets filled with soft and warm blankets near seating areas, allowing guests to snuggle up when the evening gets icy.

12. Set Up Cider Barrels

Kill two birds with one stone and mix up the plans of what you will serve with what you will decorate: set up wooden barrels as drink stations with hot apple cider, cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle for guests to customize their beverages.

13. Use Lanterns And String Lights

Great backyard landscape lighting ideas make the whole difference when talking about outdoor decor! Hang lanterns of different sizes from tree branches to create a captivating outdoor chandelier effect, especially when lit in the evening.

Also, drape string lights above your dining area or wrap them around tree trunks to create a magical and inviting atmosphere as the sun sets.

14. Make Seasonal Floral Arrangements

Flowers are always a must in decorating for festivities. For this Thanksgiving, arrange bouquets of sunflowers, dahlias, and mums in rustic vases or pitchers. Place these vibrant floral displays on tables and around your outdoor space to infuse it with color and life.

How To Decorate A Front Porch For Thanksgiving?

To create an inviting front porch for Thanksgiving, start with a warm and welcoming color scheme, such as rich oranges, deep reds, and earthy browns. Incorporate traditional elements like a festive wreath on the front door and potted mums or pumpkins to frame the entryway.

Layer cozy door mats and rugs for texture, and add lanterns or string lights to provide ambient evening lighting. Do not forget to include comfortable seating with autumn-themed cushions or blankets for a cozy touch.

How To Do An Outdoor Thanksgiving?

After all the Thanksgiving party decorations outdoors ideas you just read in this article, for the celebration, arrange your dining area under a canopy of trees or within the comforts of your backyard. Add comfort with cozy blankets and outdoor heaters, and let the laughter and joy flow freely.

Set the stage with ambient lighting, incorporating fairy lights, candles, and lanterns. Embrace the colors and flavors of the season with a menu featuring roast turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie!

We hope these Thanksgiving outdoor decoration ideas create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones! Get the help of homeyou’s decorators to level up your decor game!

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