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The cost of water removal in Chattanooga will depend on a few factors like the category of flood water to be removed, the location and the amount of water to be removed. Water is categorized into 3 categories. Category 1 refers to clean water brought about by tub or sink overflow, broken faucet or broken water supply lines. Removing Category 1 water is the most affordable. Category 2, or commonly referred to as gray water, usually contains chemical or biological contaminants that are harmful to the health. Examples of this are damaged toilet bowls with urine and water discharge from dishwashers and washing machines. Water removal in Chattanooga of Category 2 water is a bit costlier than category 1 water. The last and the most expensive to remove is the category 3 water or black water. This water contains unsanitary agents, bacteria, fungi and other harmful contaminants that are hazardous to your health. Removing this type of water is risky and should be done by professionals only.

Estimated final cost for water removal

Item Quantity Fair Price
Damaged Surface Labor 318.4 Hours $9,092.71
Damaged Surface Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $4,142.58
Totals - Cost to Repair Water Damage - 1282 Square Feet $13,235.29
Average Cost Per Square Foot $11.03

What is included in a water removal service in Chattanooga?

Water removal typically involves removing as much water as possible, removal of furniture from the affected area, and removing wet padding and dispose of them.

Do water removal companies in Chattanooga also repair water damages?

Yes. Most water removal companies offer packages that include repair and restoration of damages caused by flooding. These packages are more cost-effective than hiring different companies to work on the removal flood water and restoration of your property. If you want to avail such services, contact the nearest water removal company near you and inquire about their services.

I have flood water removed from my house in Chattanooga and the walls repaired. But I notice mold appearing in different parts of the wall. Why is that?

If mold starts showing after you have removed flood water and repaired your walls, it means that the moisture or water must have gone through beneath your wall. If that is the case, your wall may be compromised and has cracks on it. You need to get an inspection right away.

Find the Best Costs on Water Removal - Chattanooga, 37402

Category 1 water can cost $3.75 per square foot. Category 2 is estimated to be around $4.50 per square foot, and Category 3 is around $6 to $8 per square foot. Aside from what type of water has to be removed, the area covered by the flooding will also affect the cost of the removal. Basically, if the area affected is big, it would cost more. If you want to save costs on water removal, it is important that you have leaking pipes and damaged faucets repaired right away. If the flooding is caused by bad weather condition, the flood water would be a category 2 and should be removed immediately. If you failed to remove category 2 water, there’s a big possibility that the water will turn into category 3 if contaminants and bacteria started to thrive on the water. That would be really costly.

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