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A chimney cleaning in Austin does not only involve sweeping and removing creosote or soot buildup from the flue, but it also includes inspection for possible damages and cleaning of stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces connected to the chimney. Cleaning an average fireplace is estimated to cost around $83 to $591. A freestanding wood burning stove that has liners can go around $100 to $250. Wood burning stove inserts with liners are estimated to cost between $110 and $170. If you are on a tight budget, you can clean your chimney for $20 to $50. That includes all the materials needed. However, DIY chimney cleaning in Austin is not advisable since you are not trained to detect other chimney issues that professionals can. Instead of cutting costs, you might end up spending more because of the damages and repairs that should have been actioned immediately.

How often should I have my chimney cleaned in Austin?

The frequency of cleaning your chimney will depend on some factors like the fuel you use, the wood you burn, the weather condition in your area and the age of your home. If you are using wood, it is advisable to clean your chimney at least twice a year. Oil flues have to be cleaned once a year to prevent chimney blockage. Even if natural gas is said to be clean-burning, new gas efficient furnaces can still create problems. So, it is important to have your chimney regularly cleaned.

How long does it take to finish chimney cleaning in Austin?

Chimney cleaning is a meticulous task. It involves cleaning from top to bottom and careful inspection. A basic chimney cleaning can be cleaned in an hour or two.

Should I be present during chimney cleaning in Austin?

Yes. Most chimney cleaning service providers require their clients to be present. It is important because if damages or problems are present in your chimney, they will be able to discuss it with you right away.

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There are other factors which add to the cost of chimney cleaning in Austin. Stove inserts that do not have liners can cost $40 to $60 to be cleaned. They have to be pulled out from the access together with any insert piping that needs to be removed and cleaned. This insert piping can cost you an additional $20 to $30. Another thing that can add to the overall expense of cleaning the chimney is when a camera inspection has to be made during the cleaning. This costs around $10 to $350. Too much buildup of creosote, minor repairs and odd-shaped flue that are difficult to clean can have a significant impact on the cleaning cost too.

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