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The cost of hiring Desoto termite inspection contractors varies based on different things. One of the factors includes the size of your home or the area to be treated. The bigger the area, the more you will have to pay for the services. Your choice of treatment plan also affects cost, since different treatment plans cost differently based on the equipment used and the chemicals used. The contractors might also place monitoring stations, which they will come to check on a regular basis at a small fee.

What are some of the things that can cause Desoto termites to invade your home?

Termites are attracted to houses since houses are rich in objects that contain cellulose, which is what termites feed on. This includes wood, paper and cardboard. If there is even a small gap or crack in your house, termites will be able to pass through it and find their way into your home. They will then build a mud tube that links them from the outside to their source of food.

What are some of the signs that termites have invaded your home and let you know that it is time to get a termite inspection in Desoto?

If you notice mud tubes that are almost the size of a pencil on wooden beams or on exterior of walls or in crawl spaces, it is a sign that there are termites in the area. It would be advisable to call a termite inspection professional in Desoto to examine your house to check for termite nests. If you notice pellet like droppings that are wood colored, it could be a sign that there is a termite nest around your home. Drywood termites usually live these wood colored droppings that they have eaten behind.

Are termites the same as ants?

While a lot of people easily confuse termites and ants, these two insects are not the same. You might have to carefully take a look at them to notice the difference. Termites are usually white or pale in color, while ants are black or brown in color. In addition, termites have straight and beaded antennas, while the antennas of ants are bent. While termites have thick bodies, which are segmented, ants have a waist that is obvious. Only call Desoto termite inspection professionals when you see termites and not ants.

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The size of the Desoto termite inspection company you hire also affects pricing. Larger national companies are more likely to charge you more than small, locally owned contractors. The other thing that affects cost is the type of termite that is being eradicated.

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