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Fort Worth termite extermination costs depend on many aspects. First of all, your home's location is a huge variable because exterminators charge differently depending on your zip code. The type of termite treatment in Fort Worth that you have chosen is also one of the factors that are considered for the pricing.

Do I need to have the entire house treated… or just the affected areas?

It is better to have the whole house treated. Subterranean termites live in colonies that may contain hundreds of thousands of pests that are just silently damaging your house in every direction. Just treating what you think is the only affected area is a huge gamble especially if it is your first time to acquire this kind of service. Pest extermination companies won't provide warranties for spot treatments because it is likely that the termites will sooner or later return to the treated area. Treating the whole house, however, will prevent this from happening.

How long will the Fort Worth termite treatment last?

All liquid termiticides can control your termite problems for at least five years, if applied as directed. However, the exact length of its effect varies on the thoroughness of the application, household environmental conditions, and the density of the termites living in the area. If somehow, the termites find their way back after a year, this doesn't mean that the termiticides didn't work. It just means that they found an untreated gap in the barrier.

Will the termiticides harm my family or pets?

No, they will not cause your family and pets any harm. These chemicals are extensively tested for any adverse effects on humans and pets. Before the product is made available to the public, many studies were conducted to ensure you and your family's safety. They pose no hazard to humans, animals, and the environment when applied appropriately. However, if health risks are observed, it is highly advisable to consult your physician.

Should I hire a professional exterminator for my termite treatment in Fort Worth?

Yes, it is advisable to do so. Professional termite exterminators are well-versed and highly skilled in completing the Fort Worth termite treatment for you. They ensure proper application to make your treatment last a very long time. They will also use proper methods and techniques to rid you of these pesky insects once and for all.

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The company you have selected to do the service is the main influence of the cost. In almost all cases, bigger companies offer a slightly more expensive service than smaller companies.

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    All Dead Termite Co. - (ADTCO)

    Rating: 75
    3515 Sycamore School Rd. 
    Fort WorthTX  76133
  • 2

    Termiguard Pest Control

    Rating: 75
    3900 Madrid Dr. 
    Fort WorthTX  76133
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    Truly Nolen Pest & Termite Control

    Rating: 61
    2929 S Cravens Road. 
    Fort WorthTX  76119
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    Critter Control Inc

    Rating: 61
    Fort WorthTX  76133
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    A-1 Pest Control Inc

    Rating: 62
    Fort WorthTX  76133
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    All Quest Pest Control

    Rating: 76
    7317 Weatherwood Rd. 
    Fort WorthTX  76133