How Much Does it Cost to Refinish Furniture in Alpine?

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The cost of furniture refinishing in Alpine depends on the extent of refinishing that has to be made. Furniture that requires a full refinishing typically cost higher than those with minimal refinishing needs. Refinishing mostly starts by doing basic repairs to the furniture like fixing cracked parts, peeling the paint, removing visible stains, and attaching broken or moving parts of the furniture. The more damage the furniture has, the higher the cost will be. Another contributing factor to the cost of furniture refinishing is the size of the furniture. Bigger furniture will require more time and materials to refinish, thus making it pricey. The age of the furniture can also determine the cost of the task. Antiques cost more and typically require special handling and attention.

How will I be able to determine a good refinisher in Alpine?

A lot of factors should be considered when choosing a refinisher. It is best to look into the reputation and quality of work of the refinishing shop. Ask your family members or friends that may have previous experiences with reputable furniture refinishers. Next is the scope of their offered services. You need to make sure that they have the necessary experience to handle your furniture and to know what refinishing service it requires. Lastly, the price. Get at least three quotes from different furniture refinishing shops and compare them. You may also visit refinishing shops near you and see how busy and professional they are.

Will the value of my furniture in Alpine decrease after refinishing?

Furniture that generally dates back to 1800 and earlier or have an absolute historical importance and background are recommended to be evaluated before refinishing. It is important to know if they need refinishing or restoration because of their age. It is reportedly thought that the majority of antiques have increased their values after undergoing furniture refinishing. Some have also retained their worth and have extended their furniture life.

How will I know if my furniture in Alpine is worth refinishing or not?

The most efficient way to determine if your furniture is worth refinishing is to visit the nearest refinishing shop within your area. Only professionals can evaluate and assess the quality of your furniture. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to see their work. There are times that the finishes applied by shops are more superior than those of furniture factories. Other variables to consider are the matching of finishes with the woodwork of your furniture, the possibility of changing the color and design, and the sentimental value of the furniture.

Find the Best Costs on Furniture Refinishing - Alpine, 84004

The usual rate for a wood refinisher ranges from $50 to $70 per hour when the service is charged by the hour. However, most furniture refinishers prefer flat rate payment arrangement. A basic dining chair can cost around $120 up to $200 to refinish. A basic five drawer cabinet cost between $120 and $200. For metal furniture, the price can start at approximately $80 and can go as high as $170. Even with the cost of hiring professionals for your furniture refinishing needs, the cost of refinishing is still a lot cheaper than replacing your furniture with a brand new one.