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The estimated average cost of a new Winooski attic fan installation is around $520, and generally, ranges between $433 and $649. The cost can go as low as $250 and can go as high as $920. Hiring an electrician or carpenter may add to the expense of the installation. The cost of an attic fan is around $75 to $300. If it comes with a humidistat that automatically activates the attic fan in Winooski if it senses moisture in the attic, it will cost an extra $100 to $170. Expect your attic fan operation cost to be around $2 to $4 per month. Professional installers typically charge $35 to $75 per hour for their attic fan installation service.

Estimated final cost for attic fan

Item Quantity Fair Price
Whole House Fan Cost 1 Fan $243.74
Whole House Fan Labor 4 Hours $172.89
Whole House Fan Job Materials and Supplies 1 Fan $124.77
Totals - Cost to Install Whole House Fans - 1 Fan $541.41
Average Cost Per Fan $541.41

How are attic fans controlled in Winooski?

An attic fan is usually controlled by a humidistat or thermal switch. This switch will only allow your attic fan to operate if the temperature rises more than 90 degrees F. This feature will extend the attic fan's motor life and will reduce the loss of heat during winter. However, it will not let the fan reduce the buildup of moisture in the attic all the time and can't stop ice dams over winter.

Is it ok to have too much ventilation in the Winooski attic?

Definitely. Many factors should be considered to determine the amount of ventilation that your attic needs. But technically, the more ventilation your attic has, the better. The more fresh air is brought into your attic, and as the turnover of air increases significantly, the temperature in your attic will begin to match that of the outside air temperature. That, in turn, will reduce the heat transfer within your home. More airflow in your attic will help increase the cooling performance of the attic fans.

Are these attic fans in Winooski very loud when operating?

No. You won't even hear the attic fans while they are running. The blades used in attic fans are usually designed for quieter operation.

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It will be more cost effective if you install your attic fan in a place within your attic that already has a vent or opening. It will cost less than making a new opening that will most probably add to the expense of the installation. If electrical wirings and cables are already available in your attic, it will help decrease the cost. If none of these things are available, expect to pay for the materials like metal flashings, plywood, electrical accessories, and other necessary things, on top of the labor cost.

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