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Fencing is billed by the linear foot. This charge has to be fairly consistent for a specified material, although it can vary a lot with completely different fencing heights. Usually, wood is the most cost effective fencing material whereas wrought iron is be the priciest straight up. Wood is the most common fencing material and normally costs around $5 up to $10 per foot. The durable steel fencing type normally costs $5 to $15 per foot. Vinyl on the other hand is also a good fencing choice but not really advisable for security fencing. It can cost a homeowner around $20 per foot. Aluminum which is considered to be the most affordable metal fencing is priced per foot at $20 to $30. The most secure and the most expensive among the fencing styles is the wrought iron. It is considered to be heavy duty and costs $20 up to $100 per foot.

Estimated final cost for fences

Item Quantity Fair Price
Yard Fence Cost 159 Linear Feet $1,503.77
Yard Fence Labor 26.3 Hours $801.31
Yard Fence Job Materials and Supplies 150 Linear Feet $54.78
Yard Fence Equipment Allowance $82.11
Totals - Cost to Install Fences - 159 Linear Feet $2,441.98
Average Cost Per Linear Foot $16.28

How long will the fence in Barre last?

There are plenty of aspects which affect how many years a fence can possibly last like the material you have chosen, the weather condition in the area, soil elements, and the way in which you preserve it. In most cases, if you have a top quality fence installed, and you pick the best material to meet your needs, you will probably have your fence last at least 20 years or more. Talk to your contractor about what you can do so that you can effectively sustain your fence, and just what material they believe is the most effective for your applications.

What type of Barre fence is the best?

Usually, clients demand something attractive similar to a wood fence, or the low maintenance associated with a vinyl fence, or the low price for the chain link. In many cases, the kind of fence that they prefer, is usually the one that they need. Professional contractors can come out to your property or home to study the landscape and provide you a genuine impression of what fence might best satisfy your needs.

What Barre fences require the most maintenance?

In most cases, all fences will be needing some form of maintenance to extend their life. Wood fences, in many cases, demand the most repair as a result of corrosion, and problems with termites. It's highly recommended to add a safety coating to the wood 6 weeks following installation to help stop this condition.

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There is a great deal to remember whenever planning to put in a fence in Barre. The material to decide on can determine a whole lot about precisely how a house and facade will look to potential buyers. It will also determine how dependable the home is for children and pets, in addition to how safeguarded it can be against possible intruders. Every one of these is ought to be considered, so it is best to seek advice from a fencing contractor to avoid winding up affixing the wrong fence. Keep in mind that a new Barre fence is definitely an investment which should last with very little maintenance and repairs required.