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A basic Charleston drywall panel measures about 8 meters tall and 4 meters wide. It can cost around $10 up to $20 depending upon your chosen thickness and brand plus its resistance to mold or fire. An unmixed drywall compound or commonly known as mud is estimated to be around $5 up to $9 and will depend on the quantity that you will need for your project. A premixed dry compound, on the other hand, can cost $15 for every 5 gallons. Drywall joint tapes have varying prices based on what you want. They come in basic joint tape, fiber mesh, mold-resistant, laminate, and much more. A roll can cost you between $3 and $5, but it can go as low as $1 while some can go as high as $16.

Estimated final cost for drywall

Item Quantity Fair Price
Sheetrock Cost 1282 Square Feet $547.98
Sheetrock Labor 14.6 Hours $1,147.58
Sheetrock Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $204.93
Sheetrock Equipment Allowance $32.83
Totals - Cost to Hang Sheetrock - 1282 Square Feet $1,933.32
Average Cost Per Square Foot $1.61

Can I apply paint on my Charleston drywall?

Yes. When you are done installing your drywall, you can apply two coats of paint to give it its final finish. However, directly applying paint over drywall will make it more difficult to get an even finish. Some drywall materials absorb paint and that may cost you a lot. It is advisable that before applying paint on a fresh drywall, a primer should be implemented first. A primer does not function as a paint. It is basically used to seal the drywall and mud. It adheres to the drywall a lot better than paint. Because of that, it will be able to seal porous surfaces of the drywall compound making it more receptive to paint.

Is there any difference between Sheetrock and drywall in Charleston?

Technically, there is almost no difference between the two. Sheetrock is a company that provides drywall products to customers. However, drywall is a generic product and is basically what Sheetrock is producing.

What exactly is Chinese Drywall in Charleston?

Chinese drywall is often a phrase used to refer to a particular environmental health circumstance related to cheap drywall materials manufactured in China and brought into the country in 2001. Laboratory assessment uncovered that the flawed drywall released sulfurous gasses, such as carbonyl sulfide, carbon disulfide, and hydrogen sulfide.

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Standard Charleston drywall with ¼” thickness cost around $.24 to $.32 per square feet. A drywall with 3/8” thickness is estimated to be around $.27 to $.34 per square foot. A ½” can cost $.30 to $.37 per square feet and a 5/8” goes around $.34 to $$.41 per square foot. So for a 500 square feet wall, expect to pay around $120 to $205. Drywall prices also vary depending on its functionality. A moisture resistant drywall costs $.40 to $.70 per square feet. A paperless drywall is tagged at $.45 to $.70 per square foot. Fire-resistant drywall will cost you $.34 up to $.42 per square foot, and a sound control drywall is approximately $.95 to $2.25 per square feet.

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