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It is estimated that the cost of hiring drywall contractors in Hurricane to repair drywall damage is between $247 and $247 depending on the scope of the damage. On average, most homeowners pay around $500 for this service. Typically, if the damage is just small enough for a handyman to repair, the cost of the repair will be a flat rate. One of the factors that may also affect the cost of drywall repair Hurricane is the pricing per region and the labor cost that is usually 50% of the overall cost.

Estimated final cost for drywall repair

Item Quantity Fair Price
Drywall Patch Labor 3 Hours $223.69
Drywall Patch Job Materials and Supplies 1 Patch $23.99
Totals - Cost to Repair Drywall - 1 Patch $247.68
Average Cost Per Patch $247.68

When should I get a drywall repair in Hurricane and when should I just have it replaced?

Repairing a drywall or replacing it will depend on the scope of the damage. Small holes, cracks, and visible nail pops or nails that have been pulled out from wall studs are usually easy and quick to repair. More serious problems like big holes, cracks, and mold infestation affecting a larger portion of the wall may need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Is drywall in Hurricane offered in many types?

Yes. Drywall comes in many types depending on your needs. There is regular drywall, fire-rated drywall, impact-resistant drywall, moisture resistant drywall, soundboard, lead-lined drywall, flexible drywall, and blueboard. These drywall types have distinct characteristics depending on their own purposes.

Will it be more cost effective to replace my drywall in Hurricane rather than have it repaired?

Yes, it might be more cost effective to just replace your drywall if the damage is too big to be repaired or because of the old age. However, if the damage can be repaired or can be patched, it would save you some costs if you will just have it fixed by a handyman.

Find the Best Costs on Drywall Repair - Hurricane, 25526

To save costs on drywall repair, a homeowner must know when to hire a handyman for the job or contact a drywall contractor Hurricane. As a general rule, when the damage or hole on the drywall is nothing more than an inch in size, it would be cheaper and cost-effective to just hire a handyman. However, if the damage is bigger and affects a significant portion of the wall, it is wise to contact a contractor. Hiring a contractor to do drywall repair in Hurricane is definitely not cheap, but, it is very beneficial in this kind of damage. Drywall contractors in Hurricane can get the job done smoothly and very quickly. They already have the tools and equipment, plus the material, so it would save homeowners time in shopping for everything that they will need. They are professionals so you can expect a very high quality service. They will also clean up everything and will leave your home with no mess at all. Overall, drywall repair in Hurricane may cost you a lot if the damage has been ignored for a long time. Do not take your drywall for granted. In the slightest sign of a problem, get a drywall repair in Hurricane right away.

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