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Normally, the prices for hiring a tree service in Casper vary depending on the size of the tree and its location. The height of the tree and its accessibility are important to determine the cost of caring for it. Among the services being offered by a tree service, removal of the tree is the most expensive. This process includes chopping of the tree by section, hauling it away, and grinding the stump which normally costs extra. Trees that are more than 60 feet can cost around $1000. If the tree is out of the way or in a remote area, the cost could reach up to $1200 for removing it. Pruning normally costs on average $450 and the general range is from $375 to $525. Stump removal that involves grinding down to digging can cost $514 to $697.

Estimated final cost for tree service

Item Quantity Fair Price
Tree Removal Labor 2.2 Hours $495.91
Tree Removal Equipment Allowance $109.98
Totals - Cost to Remove A Medium Tree - 1 Tree $605.90
Average Cost Per Tree $605.90

How often does my tree in Casper need to be pruned?

It is advisable that trees be pruned regularly, and by regular it means once a year. Typically, the best time to prune trees is during the dormant season.

My tree in Casper has dead branches. Does the whole tree need to be removed?

Dead branches of a tree are dangerous. Because they are dead, they can no longer take nutrients and moisture from the roots, thus, they can become brittle and are susceptible to damage. These falling branches are dangerous to people, especially if the tree is located near a pathway. Injuries resulting from falling dead branches can range from minor cuts to grave bruises. Also, if a dead tree within the vicinity of your property fell to a passerby, the liability of the accident will fall on your shoulder.

Why do tree stumps in Casper need to be removed?

A stump of a tree that is left on the ground is a safety concern for people, especially for kids and pets. Most tree stumps that have been left to rot can become a breeding ground for insects like bees and bugs. These insects can attempt to go inside the house if ignored. Tree stumps can also ruin the landscaping of your yards and lawn. If a dead tree has been removed, ensure that all of it will be will removed, including the stump.

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Additionally, the price also depends on the experience of the contractor and the equipment. Professionals usually use boom trucks that can raise as high as 70 feet. Most homeowners rely on themselves to do these services. It may be acceptable for small trees, but not for large ones, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. It is also not advisable for owners to cut or remove trees near power lines on their own. It is extremely dangerous and should only be done by an experienced Casper tree service professional.

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