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Pressure cleaning Aztec are mostly use to clean the exterior of a house, particularly the sidings, driveway, deck, and patio. Pressure cleaning your home’s siding can cost around $100 to $300. Driveway pressure cleaning is estimated to be between $80 and $200 while patio and deck pressure cleaning is around $250 to $600. There are two types of pressure cleaning equipment used today, gas operated pressure cleaner and an electric powered pressure cleaner.

Estimated final cost for pressure cleaning

Item Quantity Fair Price
House Exterior Surface Labor 11 Hours $530.93
House Exterior Surface Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $59.15
House Exterior Surface Equipment Allowance $55.93
Totals - Cost to Power Wash House Exteriors - 1282 Square Feet $646.01
Average Cost Per Square Foot $0.54

How frequently should I pressure clean my garage and driveway in Aztec?

Technically, to maintain the cleanliness of your driveway and garage, it is best that you have it pressure cleaned at least once or twice a year depending on your location. If you are living anywhere near a beach, you might need to pressure clean it more frequently.

What is the advantage of hot water pressure cleaning from cold water pressure cleaning in Aztec?

Hot water is a natural disinfectant. Combine it with strong pressure, bacteria and algae will stand no chance. This will help keep the surfaces extra clean for longer periods of time. Also, hot water can cut through grease. This makes it hot water pressure cleaning an ideal solution to cleaning garages where grease left by cars are visible. Hot water can also melt gums sticking to your driveways and pavements.

Is it true that my garage can possibly experience severe damage if not pressure cleaned in Aztec?

Yes. This is actually common in cold regions of the country. Normally, salt is applied to roads, sidewalks, driveways and garages in areas with cold weather condition or during winter to help melt the snow. As the snow melts, the salt is being left on the surface. Salt if not pressure cleaned can corrode the surfaces of any road or pavement. It can cause concrete and pavers to deteriorate rapidly.

Find the Best Costs on Pressure Cleaning - Aztec, 87410

Electric powered pressure cleaner can produce 1300 up to 1400 psi and are usually used in pressure cleaning Aztec cars, grills, and garage floors. It is estimated to cost around $90 to $200 depending on what pressure do you require. This type of pressure cleaner needs to be plugged into GFCI outlet. It is also quiet, so you do not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. Gas operated pressure cleaners can produce up to 3000 psi and is what used to pressure cleaning Aztec home sidings, decks, patios and concretes. The cost of pressure cleaning using gas operated pressure cleaner is estimated to be around $300 and $800. If you are going to pressure clean your house, make sure that your make use of the right equipment to ensure that it will be cleaned thoroughly.