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Regardless of what material your roof is made of, it is technically designed to protect your home for at least 20 years or more. However, it can deteriorate rapidly and may not reach the end of its expected lifespan if you fail to care for it and maintain it. Your roof is an investment, and you will not get any return on investment if moss or other harmful element damage it. Roof moss removal in Aztec can be affordable or expensive depending on the amount of work needed to get rid of moss on your roof. Other factors can have an impact on your Aztec roof moss removal project too. Aside from cleaning your roof, cutting or trimming trees surrounding your house can add to the cost. Add to that the needed equipment to remove the moss and cut down the tree branches.

Estimated final cost for roof moss removal

Item Quantity Fair Price
Siding Labor 5 Hours $229.18
Siding Job Materials and Supplies 200 Square Feet $33.41
Siding Equipment Allowance $57.44
Totals - Cost to Power Wash Siding - 215 Square Feet $320.03
Average Cost Per Square Foot $1.60

Is roof moss removal in Aztec a messy task?

Yes. Any roof cleaning procedure is considered to be a messy job. Depending on the treatment or procedure that the moss removal company will provide, they will ensure that all spots will be rid of moss, algae, and other debris or dirt.

Should I get a roof repair first before the Aztec roof moss removal procedure?

It is highly advisable to remove the moss first and clean your roof before proceeding with any repair needed. Cleaning can give you a better view of your roof and will enable you to assess any damages.

How often should I clean my Aztec roof to prevent moss buildup?

The frequency of your roof cleaning will depend on your location and the weather condition in your area. If you are living in a place surrounded by trees, you might want to inspect and clean your roof as often as possible. Same goes if your location always has rain showers. It is best to check your shingles as often as possible for any moss buildup.

Find the Best Costs on Roof Moss Removal - Aztec, 87410

It has been estimated that on average, most homeowners spend around $300 to $600 for a roof moss removal in Aztec project. Most professionals and contractors charge between $60 and $90 per hour. The cost of labor may change depending on the height and pitch of the roof because it will determine if equipment pieces and security tools are needed to complete the task. If you are living in a rural area surrounded by trees, there’s a huge possibility that there will be more moss because of the shade provided by the trees. This means that the cost of labor can be higher than normal. It is recommended that to save money in your Aztec roof moss removal project, you should make sure that you regularly have your roof cleaned. Cleaning can hinder moss and algae growth and is considered to be an excellent preventive method in getting rid of them.